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WOA Training Academy

The following video library has been created by the WOA for the benefit of WOA member officials, associations and schools to better help them understand ArbiterSports, ArbiterPay, ArbiterMobile and ArbiterGame.

If you have ideas for videos not currently listed below please email


MODULE 1 - ArbiterSports Account Setup

Login and Setup Basics (12:02)
Learn how to to login to Arbiter, setup your personal profile, print and view a photo roster, add a profile picture, change your password, and setup your preferences for a new official's Arbiter account.


Becoming A Registered Official (3:57)
Completing the background check and registering to become a registered official.

Completing Registered/Certified Eligibility (3:12)
Learn how to complete the eligibility requirements to become a registered and/or certified official.

Complete RTO Eligibility (8:33)
Learn how to complete your RTO eligibility requirements.


WOA/NASO Membership Card (2:42)
Forgot your NASO membership card?  Need to print one for the WIAA Championships.  This video will show you how to print your NASO Membership Card.


MODULE 2 - ArbiterSports Blocks

Setting and Editing Blocks (9:36)
Lean all about setting and editing blocks.  Blocks are the way officials communicate their availability to assigners.


MODULE 3 - ArbiterSports Schedules

Game Schedules (10:21)
Learn how to view and accept game assignments, viewing the master schedule and completing post-game reports.

Submitting Post-Game Report (2:39)
Learn how to submit a post-game report via the computer or the ArbiterMobile device.

MODULE 4 - ArbiterPay

How to Setup ArbiterPay Account (3:32)
Setup your ArbiterPay account and link it to your ArbiterSports account.  Required to be paid for working games in the WOA.

Receiving & Transferring Money (8:18)
Learn how to transfer money in ArbiterPay to your bank account.


Arbiter Pay Transaction List Export (2:02)
Learn how to export your Arbiter Pay transactions out to a CSV (Excel) file.  Great for keeping a record for tax purposes.


MODULE 5 - ArbiterMobile

Blocks, Schedules and Post Game Reports (14:26)
How to view your schedule and set blocks using the Arbiter Mobile device application

Submitting Post-Game Report
Learn how to submit a post-game report via the computer or the ArbiterMobile device.



  • Creating Events
    Learn how to create an Arbiter event and invite people to attend.  Great for association meeting attendance.


  • Creating Filters
    Learn how to create filters within the scheduling module to make your life easier when assigning games.

  • Updating Vaccination Status Custom Field
    How to update customized fields for officials to track vaccination status.

  • Adding and Filtering Contacts
    How to use customer filtering on Contacts so you can more quickly email groups of contacts.

  • Reports (16:34)
    Discover all the ins and outs of the Report functions available within the PEOPLE tab for assigners and what you can do with all the reporting options.




  • Linking Games to Associations
    If you have games within your Arbiter account and you can't figure out why the official's association is not getting your games, this video will show you how to link an officials group to your game levels.

  • Creating Tournaments / Meets
    See how to create a tournament or meeting of games.


  • Creating New Games
    Learn how to create a single new game.

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