Official Awards

Each year we select officials who best represent our organization and recognize them with one of a few awards. The awards represent five different and important areas of focus in our organization. We strive to draw constant improvement from each other, so we recognize these efforts with the Most Improved Official, Apprentice of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards.

Just as important is being a good partner whether on the court or off. The Assignor’s Award and Dick Rodland Award recognize SCBBO members who go above and beyond to help our organization whether on the court of off.

Lifetime Achievement

Nominated by the SCBBO board to a retired official who has given many years of excellent service to SCBBO both on and off the floor. 

  • 2016 - Al Furiak
  • 2014 - Kim Walter
  • 2012 - Rick Meyers
  • 2011 - Dennis Meyers
  • 2010 - Jeff Schireman
  • 2009 - Bill Brotten

Dick Rodland Award

Traditionally given to a girls official, the Dick Rodland Award is given to the official who has given years of service to our organization both on the basketball floor and also to the general well-being of the organization. Examples of "off the floor" contributions might include: Service on the board of directors, Assistance at general meetings or apprentice meetings, Efforts in recruiting new officials.

  • 2017 - Garrett Galbreath
  • 2016 - Mike Mains
  • 2015 - Wayne Sneva

Mike Kuchera Award

Traditionall given to a boys official, the Mike Kuchera Award is chosen by a committee of SCBBO officials including the Mike Kuchera Award winner from the previous year. In recognition of exceptional committment off the court and outstanding dedication on the court for the betterment of SCBBO.

  • 2017 - Aaron Keller
  • 2016 - Romeo Escalona
  • 2015 - Bill Sieh
  • 2014 - Kevin Stride
  • 2013 - Rob Neiffer
  • 2012 - Dave Johnson

Most Improved Official

The Most Improved Official award is given to the official who shows the most improvement from the beginning of the season to the end of the season in play calling, court coverage, game management, clock management, rule knowledge, mechanics, court presence, and partner communication.

  • 2017 - Evan Churlin
  • 2016 - Chad Smith
  • 2015 - Jordan Butterfield
  • 2014 - Jeff Helmer
  • 2013 - vacant
  • 2012 - Alan Bowers

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year is awarded to a first-year official who demonstrates great potential in becoming a first-rate official. Officials receiving this award have demonstrated a great attitude and hard work in showing great promise and effort in their first year of officiating with SCBBO.

  • 2017 - Josh Bevan
  • 2016 - Elgin Lambert Sr.
  • 2015 - Marvin Williams
  • 2014 - Ed Collins & Bob Franklin

Assignors' Award

The Assignors' Award is given to the official who helped make our assignors' jobs easier by filling in on last-second assignments and covering games held at times that are difficult to fill.

  • 2017 - (b) Maury Hansen
  • 2016 - (b) Marvin Williams
  • 2015 - (b) Rick "Rat" Byrum
  • 2014 - (g) Chuck Collins & (b) John Martin
  • 2013 - (b) Justin Stubben
  • 2012 - (b) Rob Werdell

Apprentice of the Year

The Apprentice of the Year is awarded to a first or second-year official who demonstrates great potential in becoming a first-rate official. Officials receiving this award have demonstrated a great attitude and hard work in getting their game to a high level in a relatively short period of time.

  • 2017 - vacant
  • 2016 - Marvin Williams
  • 2015 - Ed Collins
  • 2014 - (g) Rich Bovard & (b) Peyton Kelley
  • 2013 - (g) Lindsey Newman & (b) Ryan Taylor, Bob Huntzberger

Mike Cashman Inspiring Official

Named for Mike Cashman, a long-time SCBBO official, the Mike Cashman Inspiring Official is nominated by the SCBBO board or banquet committee. This award is given to the SCBBO official who inspires others due to their work ethic, commitment to excellence, encouragement and great attitude both on and off the floor.

  • 2017 - Bruce Hoffman
  • 2016 - Rob Werdell
  • 2015 - vacant
  • 2014 - Steve Allison
  • 2013 - Dick Millar
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